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Who can use compression pump therapy for recovery?

RevitaPump offers the ability for a faster recovery after performing any kind of athletic workout, race, sport or activity that involves periods of exertion and muscle fatigue. Even if you are on your feet often or walking around all day for work, compression therapy can help your circulation. When your muscles and body feel tired, RevitaPump promotes revitalization and muscle recovery. RevitaPump can help promote increased circulation and help the body flush out any waste and toxins by compression massage treating the arterial and lymphatic systems, ligaments, veins, and muscles.


In “Circulation Mode”, The RevitaPump’s four chambers fill up in a standard Sequential gradient mode with each chamber remaining inflated as the next chambers inflate 1 chamber at a time (toes to thigh) in about 30 seconds. It then deflates and repeats the cycle. You select one touch 10, 20, or 30 minute pumping sessions.

In “Massage Mode” the RevitaPump really shines. This allows you to receive compression in all four air chambers or only one or more chambers that you choose. For example, if you only want compression in your calf area, you may set RevitaPump for that. Or, if you want to “skip” the calf area because of an injury or tenderness, you can simply skip a chamber with a touch of a button. The massage mode includes Peristaltic inflation. In this mode only one cell is inflated at any time, moving up the limb to the torso, while the previous air cell chamber deflates and the next chamber inflates to maintain the directional massage.

The RevitaPump provides users an easy to use programmable compression device with DMR®, or Dynamic Muscle Recovery. The Dynamic Muscle Recovery pump technology provides the athlete with the ability to recover faster utilizing multiple compression mode choices focusing on a large area like the entire leg, or just one area like the calf, all in a single treatment session.




Compex Sport Elite is an electrostimulation device that is an amazing tool for not only recovery, but for rehab, improve strength imbalances and conquer chronic and acute pains. Use this instrument for training, pre race preparation, muscular recovery, and injury prevention. 

Compex enables you to achieve enhanced muscle performance.
This unit has multiple programs:

Build muscle strength and size
Fast Twitch and Slow Twitch Muscle 
Improve power
Increase endurance
Muscle Warmup
Muscle recovery

Whether you are a recreational athlete, someone who is working out for weight-loss, or someone who is a serious tennis player, runner, triathlete or weightlifter…this unit will help keep you from falling away from your goals and consistent schedule.

Recovery with Compex:
Flushes lactic acid and other exercise wastes by increasing blood flow
Stimulates endorphins and relaxes the muscle.
Recovering with Compex increases blood flow to the working muscle, enabling the flushing away of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes produced during intense exercise. The venous return blood flow rate is also increased by the same factor as the arterial flow, thus delivering the genuine venous drainage that is effective against the sensation of heavy legs. It is also believed that the mechanical effect of the successive muscular twitches applying pressure to the vascular structures (the pump effect) improves lymphatic drainage.
Compex recovery also generates endorphin production, our bodies’ natural analgesic. Our central nervous system naturally produces varying quantities of peptides, called endorphins and encephalins , which have the ability to use the same receptor sites as morphine. These peptides can therefore deliver pain relief (the analgesic effect), general muscle relaxation, and reduced anxiety.
In total, the muscle is revived, sensations of soreness and fatigue are reduced, and the muscle is ready to work again.


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The VitalWear VitalWrap Hot/Cold Therapy System provides hot/cold therapy by using ice and water for cold which can be heated later on for hot therapy as a viable “contrast” solution for treating post surgical and chronic pain conditions through the body.

Provides proper hot/cold contrast application for increasing circulation following post surgical conditions, joint sprains, muscle strain, and muscle contusions.

  • Decreases Inflammation and Pain
  • Improves Circulation