Personal Trainers

Personal-Training-Littleton_Mojo-Fitness_Mojo Fitness handpicks our trainers based on skills, personality, leadership and the ability to be a team player and be personable.

Our personal trainers are career trainers, not fly-by-night trainers you may find in big corporate gyms or rec centers. We have dedicated our lives to helping others and continue to learn and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fitness and client’s needs.

Because we are all independent contractors, our prices are below industry standard for what we do and our experience. We are not paying major corporations a high percentage of our fees, so we can keep fees lower for our clients. Each trainer manages and work for themselves, but we all consider Mojo Fitness a family and a place we call home, as do our clients.

Meet our Mojo Fitness training team and find a trainer right for you!