Keep Truckin’ and Get Rid of the Excuses!

What is it about your life that is preventing you from caring and doing something about your health? The majority of people are overworked, stressed and busy. 80% of Americans also suffer from low back pain. More kids are obese than ever before. Many put others before themselves to the point that it becomes a long term escape goat.

Who’s in charge of your company’s atmosphere and schedule?

Who can influence change in one’s company, in one’s household and in one’s own lives?

As trainers, we recognize excuses, deflection and lack of personal responsibility. We try to softly or directly explain to someone how to mitigate those issues. It really comes down to a few legitimate things:

  1. Are you willing to listen to options and ideas?
  2. Can you admit you need a healthy lifestyle change?
  3. Can you be in charge of you and not allow others to be your reason why not?
  4. Can you bring family along side for you all to have a healthier life?
  5. Can you seek education, assistance and accountability?

Change is hard! Preplanning meals and workouts are difficult in the beginning to make routine. Etching out time seems impossible until you start. The word COMMITMENT is super scary!

The American lifestyle is generally unhealthy and our obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer rates are skyrocketing. It comes down to whether or not you care about you, your family and quality of life.

What are you doing for yourself?

What can you start doing for yourself?