Why Race? What’s the Big Deal Anyways?

Sooo why race? What’s the big deal anyways…Seriously, why pay money, get up early, stress out and do the whole pre-race gig?


Ok seriously, what makes a race? The people, all the different people!

It’s motivating, which means you are much more likely to work way harder than you would on your own. Working harder on your own leads to burning more calories, building strength, endurance and muscle, but you also get faster! Not to mention a cool experience, medal and a picture you may want to treasure.

I love the 5k’s races, well I love the 10k’s :), but the 5k’s draw the people of all shapes, sizes, ages and costumes! They are out there having fun, enjoying the people, the opportunity and the goal. If the only ones that showed up to these races are those in the skimpy shorts and tanks with the ultra serious face and uber fast pace, then guess what… no one would show up. I wouldn’t! I would never have the opportunity then to work on my own race, my own goal pace and struggle with my personal struggles in the run.

Are you off your mark? Do a 5k, get motivated by others. Walk/jog do what you can. If you are a walker, then walk faster each race! Set up intervals to break up the distance. Make it an opportunity to get stronger and faster.

Are you a runner? RACE IT! Race against what you know you CAN do, but work harder than you would on your own.

Give it a shot, don’t downplay the opportunity, make the effort, grab some friends or go in it alone! Fitness is a personal journey, but soo many are in it too and your not alone!  Have fun with the races, make the effort and see your fitness, your mind and your body strengthen.

GO FOR IT! Check out Racing Underground’s event calendar, Competitor Magazine’s Calendar or Active.com for race opportunities if google isn’t enough.

Happy Racin’