Fitness and the Mentality of True Change

Today I was lucky enough to talk with a client’s father about fitness and the mentality of true change. He shared with me his three points he shares with others. This is coming from a man who has had great success with his athletic years and has definitely had his lazy years.

When someone asks…How did you do it?? What the secret??

Point #1. Be Ready to be Different and Change! Especially from others.

You will be in a bubble, outside your normal habits and chastised by others projecting their insecurities on you. “Oh, he doesn’t eat cheese anymore! Oh no, he is too healthy now to eat that pizza and cake!”

You will feel isolated and alone, but that’s ok. Can you feel empowered by this? Can you feel in control?

Truth is, to make a change, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE! Be serious and real about it. A little change, will make little difference. Let’s be honest, depending on how much weight you need to lose to feel healthy and confident on your health…will reflect equally how much change in lifestyle is necessary.

Sounds rough, but look at it for real…There are a lot of unhealthy and overweight people here in the US, they are not great examples!

Point #2. The World is Out to Destroy Us

Sound extreme? Ok a bit, but seriously think about it. TV, packaged easy food, preservatives, computers, prescription drugs,  blah blah blah… Our world is different and hard to navigate if not paying attention.

So can you think long and hard before you pack a lunch, go through the drive through, order off the menu, pick your foods in the grocery store, drink that water and grab those snacks?

You can go crazy for sure, and that may not suit you living in reality here and now. But you could think twice about what’s important, if not, learn. Ask questions to qualified individuals on what to focus on. Alkaline water, organic real foods, foods from the ground! Not from a can, box or packet. Real food from the ground and made by your hands.

Be leery of what’s out there, get educated and think about what you can do to make a difference.


So if you were told to make it your #1 Priority above family and work, what would you say? Absolutely not! OK, OK, OK, OK, but, IF you did, guess what? You would still make the others a priority and figure it out. You would spend less time and effort into things that didn’t matter like TV and internet and find the time to “do it all.”

You’d change your day to make YOU an importance, YOUR GOALS and YOUR NEEDS and be ok with changing things up a bit TO BE DIFFERENT, BE IN CONTROL and NOT GO WITH THE FLOW of this crazy unhealthy society we live in!

Thank you Mr. Harding for your input and encouraging perspective on what it takes to make real life style changes to be healthy.

Good thoughts to reflect on. Can you be OK with change?