What’s Different?

Well the holidays have come and gone, the excitement for the new year has settled in. So, what’s different? Is your health and schedule where you want it or have old habit started in again?

Maybe the New Year isn’t all about losing 25 lbs, hitting the gym twice as much as before or changing food and alcohol habits like everyone talks about.

So what else is important in regards to health?

Stress: How do we look at stress for real?

I somehow was slapped in the face this weekend with the horrible realities of our world. War, poverty, hatred and cultural oppression through TV and Movies that I just so happen to see. It really really affected me for whatever reason. The reality is, we got it good. Our stresses need a reality check. It’s all real, but the question is how much do we allow in that is unnecessary? What’s our perspective when we talk with others and how much does it consume us?

This may seem trivial, but our reaction and perspective on stressful or difficult things shapes us, shapes those around us, and influences our ability to move forward. We get clouded by what seems like limitations, and everyone is different on what they can handle and how they handle it.

Don’t get me wrong, stress can also be a motivator, it can help us reach our goals, be productive and think. But when its an excuse, crutch or habitual stumbling block it needs a reality check to get back to somewhat of a healthy balance. How much sleep are we losing over silly things, conversations in our mind that we envision taking place?

We recently invited a homeless man we are friends with to stay with us for a couple weeks this winter when it was negative degrees out. I could go on for a while on the whole back story with him and our relationship, but that is better left for a long run together! But my point is, I remember complaining that I had to go downtown and meet a friend one Friday night, because it was so cold out! OK, seriously Trish? He’s right there in the room, he lives on the street, no car, no fancy restaurant to meet a friend, and I have the money to eat and drink once I get there. I covered it up by saying I don’t like to drive myself downtown because I always get lost which is pretty much true. 🙂 But I was embarrassed and ashamed I so easily complained and made it a stressor when really, it’s not. Turns out I had a great time, got there easy and was glad I had the chance to spend with her regardless of the weather.

We all have those moments we look back at and would like to do something different. But now really take a look at what comes out of our mouths or in our minds on a daily basis. Again, be yourself, be real, but be honest with yourself on how things are affecting you that are maybe given too much power and influence when it’s unnecessary.

That’s my challenge to you and myself. Place real weight on true stress, allow yourself and others to not feel the stress of things that aren’t really stressful. It will make for a lighter self talk and perspective. But, still BE REAL AND TRUE TO YOURSELF. Its a fine balance.

THEN, the world is all yours! You can do whatever you dream and believe you can! We live in a county that truly is great in comparison to many of the others. We definitely have our issues!! But we are lucky in so many ways.

Less Unnecessary Stress= Healthier Perspective=Balanced Weight and Better Energy