The New Year is Coming!

The New Year is Coming! Everyone has ideals for what they want to be, what they want to do and how they would like their life to be for the next year. How many do it?

You guessed it, less than 50%. So what makes those successful vs. those who are not?

Planning, Sacrificing, Communicating, Investing and Believing in Yourself Enough to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • Plan out what needs to happen to get the workouts in, the classes, the correct food etc.
  • Sacrifice your routine and other responsibilities to stick with the plan. (the dishes will always be there, get family help, carpool, don’t volunteer for a season and put the time into YOU! Say no more often to clear the schedule)
  • Communicate to family what your Needs and Goals are and how they can help during this time.

BELIEVE in YOURSELF! Your friends, trainer, class instructor knowing your goals will drive and support you. But YOU make the daily choices. For instance, when you go to bed, when do you wake up, where do you choose to eat and how can you manage your schedule differently to get those workout’s in??

MAKE IT HAPPEN! It means…just doing it….seek out professionals make sure you are constantly seeing results knowing you are putting it all out there.

Good luck processing change. It’s not easy. Take the time, you will reap the benefits.