Why do we not give up?

As we watch the Olympics this season it’s easy to get super motivated and excited for dreams and possibilities! I Love the Olympics, not only the actual events, but the commercials and interviews that are extremely inspiring, positive and motivating.

We don’t give up, because time tells the story. Those in whom you surround yourself help shape your story and future. I have worked with many kids in the the past and I absolutely love seeing how their trust in our relationship over the years allows them to grow, change and choose to be healthy lifestyle in their later years. I started working with most of these kids when they were 9-11 years old and they HATED exercise, now that they are in high school, they are motivated, interested and desiring to become healthier. It’s so great to see them choose this lifestyle for themselves! Parents, keep pushing the platform of fitness and healthy life styling! They will come around.

Spouses…don’t give up!  You may not know when your significant other may choose to live healthier or lose the weight, get on par with you and your healthy cadence to life.

How do you convince your spouse to get healthy and lose weight? It’s the ongoing question and if I knew the answer I would be rich with the book rights. Keep encouraging, be creative with ideas and get someone else to say it rather than you.

Every spouse secretly wants their loved one to be strong, fit and lean. Life is fun when spouses play together and trust that they are going to be around for many many years healthy and strong.

Personal trainers help become the voice you can’t be for your spouse, family member, friend or child. The investment and opportunity create life long differences.